Fearing Big Changes

PickTheBrain.com is, in its own words “a website dedicated to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self education.” and every now and then they have a universal gem thats worth passing around.

‘How to Stop Fearing Big Changes’ by Steve Bloom is one of them and looks at the psychology of change and how to cope with it.

Fearing Big Changes

Transitions aren’t always easy. But everyone has to face them at one time or another.

Something I’ve learned is that the change or transition itself isn’t very frightening. What’s scary is the thought of ending up in a miserable place by the time you get through it.

The worst-case scenario won’t happen.

Right before you decide to take a chance, embrace that change and make a bold step towards something you want, a nasty thought will pop into your head. It’s the shrill lingering thought that something absolutely horrible will happen if you do it.

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